we help games step into the real life

New way to distribute your products in video game world

PLUGAME connects game developers and sellers of real life products and services to create a separate store inside each game where players can make purchases


Gaming audience is growing Fast

Gaming market is expected to total ~$160BN in 2020 with 10% growth year over year and more than 2.5BN players across the globe


In-game ads
evolve fast

Marketing inside games is evolving from statiс product placements into immersive experiences that connect with atmosphere of games

we can help you
earn more

We allow gamers
buy things without leaving the game

PLUGAME lets merchants upload their products and services to our store where gamers can buy them without breaking immersion from games

PlugamE integrates
with all Games

We save merchants time by integrating with games of all genres that allow gamers to purchase products without leaving the game

we redesign
our platform
for Each game

We understand the crucial importance of immersion in the game and we strive to keep it intact by redesigning our platform and interface elements for each game to increase the retention

Leave Payment & Legal with us

We take care of transactional and legal processes with customers and payouts to game developers

We take care
of our customer experience

We handhold customers (gamers) from the moment of purchase until the moment of delivery. Our support team takes care of that, no headache for you

How it Works

How to connect
With us


Reach out to us and we'll offer a way to advertise and sell your products and services in video games for free
1 week


Our team of developers will include your products and services in video games through our platform
3 weeks


Prepare to sell your products and services in video games and to have a new distribution channel
1 week

LET’S PLUG ecommerce into your game

Sell more with plugamE today

Our team will contact you to discuss how we can integrate ecommerce into your game and help you increase your income per customer
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